Turkish Wine

Turkey is one of places claimed to be a birth place of Wine. Although it is not known as much as French Wines, most of grape varieties used in winemaking, originated in Anatolia. For more info, you can go to Wines of Turkey page 

We offer Turkish wines made with local and international varieties. We carry two basic wines.


Made from Okuzgozu and Calkarasi grapes.



Winesmakers note: Rich tastes of Oküzgozü and  fruity Çalkarasi creates full bodied, smooth dry red wine with fresh fruit aromas.

Region/Origin: Çal /Turkey




Made from Sultaniye and Misket grapes.


Winesmakers note: Misket grapes are known for their aromatic flavors. Along with Sultaniye grapes this wine has the feeling of fresh green apple aroma with a crisp taste increased by the Misket aromas.

Region/Origin: Çal /Turkey

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